高耀华 BC省注册中医师、针灸师 1984年毕业于成都中医药大学医学系,重庆第三军医大学临床医学硕士研究生,中国卫生部名老中医专家继承人;原重庆市中医研究院主任医师、教授,成都中医药大学教授;中国中医学会感染分会委员,中国重庆针灸学会科普文献专委会副主任委员。温哥华中医学院学生导师。

师承名老中医药专家曹良仁王希知马寿椿;10年中医针灸理论与临床教育经历,26年中西医结合针灸科、内科临床经验。擅长使用针灸、中药综合治疗1)各种痛症:颈腰腿痛、 肩周炎、网球肘、各种关节疼痛及创伤疼痛;2)中风偏瘫、截瘫、面瘫、肢体麻木痹痛;3)咳嗽、哮喘、心悸、水肿;4)胃痛、厌食、泄泻、贫血;5)甲肝、乙肝、脂肪肝、肝癌。6)内分泌免疫失调、失 眠、月经失调、高血压、皮肤湿疹;7)减肥、戒烟。8)中药抗癌,术后调理,开胃健脾,升高白细胞,提高免疫力,消除症状,延长寿命。

 Gao,yaohua Registered  Acupuncturist and herbalist with the CTCMA of BC

Instructor of PCU College of Holistic Medicine, B.C.Canada Instructor of Vancouver Beijing College of TCM, B.C.Canada

Professor of Chengdu university of TCM, China

Ms. Gao graduated from Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) and The Third Military Medical University ,the inheritor of The State of Health in China. With 10 years training in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine in China and Practice since 1984 in Chongqing Institute of TCM. Over 26 years clinical work experience in treating:1) Pain after accident: such as head neck ,shoulder, back and limb pain; 2)Stroke, Muscular atrophy, Facial paralysis,3)Cough, Asthma, Arrhythmia, Edema;4) Stomachache, diarrhea and constipation; Anemia, 5)Hepatitis; Fatty liver, Liver cancer; 6) Endocrine disorder, Immune disorder, Menstrual disorder, Allergies, Eczema; Sleeping disorder, 7)Loss weight, stop smoking;8)Cancer: restrain cancer, restrain the chemotherapy side-effects: restrain nausea and vomiting , increase appetite, increase white blood cell &platelet, adjust immune function. Our clinic is located in Richmond, BC, Canada. We provide top quality service in acupuncture, ear acupuncture, electric acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, massage, etc. You will get professional treatment with no side-effective needles and natural herb tea.